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  • Free Bonus: 11 affirmations

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*Currently only offering prints in the United States.


Please Read This Important Letter From Dawn

From the HeART of Dawn Renee Bova (my last name rhymes with my middle name)

I know I sound crazy …

I'm giving away a free print from my Rooted in Faith collection. I'm soooo excited you are here!

Why on earth would I do something like that?!!?? 

I'll tell you why!

There are two reasons this offer makes perfect sense to me: 


I believe your surroundings help elevate and improve your well-being. The “Rooted in Faith” collection highlights elements of faith that help carry you through times of darkness. Each piece tells a subtle story of faith. Darkness has taught me the sun shines again, flowers continue to bloom, stillness opens you to receive, and strong roots continue to hold you steady. There is great strength when you are rooted in faith. Art is so powerful. I'd like to help you keep the faith with beautiful reminders filling your heart with light and love.


Creativity has always been a part of my life. However, when faced with tragic losses it was no longer a luxury, it became a necessity. I discovered that not only was I beginning to heal, but also I have an important story to tell. Art tells a story that words are often inadequate to explain. My mission is to radiate love and bring that to your space.


Giving a piece of my art away will help me and reach as many lives as possible. I will be giving 1 piece per household! Pick your favorite print, the one that speaks to your heart!


This offer is risk free! If you are not satisfied with your free print, pass it on and I will refund your $5 S&H fee! My hope is to develop a beautiful art-filled relationship from my heart to yours.

Sounds fair right?

Summary (If you don't like to read and want to skip to the end!)

My FREE art print will help bring creative energy into your home to elevate the space and bring you closer to light and love, while also helping me get my name out in the world. It's a win-win!

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Rooted In Faith Collection

The Rooted in Faith collection is a four-piece art collection that embodies the power of faith. You can look beyond bare branches, turbulent waters, swirling skies, or stillness and feel the Divine in each painting.

“To one who has faith, no explanation is necessary. To one without faith, no explanation is possible”

~ Thomas Aquinas

Add a symbol of faith to your space with the “Rooted in Faith” collection.

What You Get

  • Pick your Free 5”X7” print from the Rooted In Faith collection below

  • Official replications of the original acrylic paintings

  • Each print is hand-signed by Dawn

  • You have the option to upgrade the size of your print

  • Limited time discount only while supplies last!

  • 100% Risk-Free Best Guarantee Ever

  • Bonus: You gain exclusive access to my Facebook Group, HeARTworkers Club, where I share behind the scenes of my creative process

  • Bonus: 11 Meditation prompts, 11 Audio recorded meditations, 11 Prayer Prompts, AND 11 Affirmations

  • Bonus: Digital downloads for your phone's wallpaper

Divine Light

Beyond the tree's bare branches shines an aura of golden light reminding you Divine Love is surrounding you.

$18.00 Free!

*Just pay $5 US shipping & handling

Hope all Around

Tiny circles in this magnificent tree reflect the symbolism of eternity. The circle is an inclusive shape inviting community, prayer, and connection.

$18.00 Free!

*Just pay $5 US shipping & handling


This painting represents a full life. Despite challenges, what we choose to focus on will expand. The choice is ultimately up to you.

$18.00 Free!

*Just pay $5 US shipping & handling

The Hand of God

Life is like water. It can be calm or turbulent. Even in the most turbulent waters, the hand of God is available to grasp.

$18.00 Free!

*Just pay $5 US shipping & handling

*Currently only offering prints in the United States.


About Dawn

Dawn Bova is a soulful light shining her innermost emotions with expressive, intuitive art. She is a mixed media artist often infusing messages of hope into her pieces. She is passionate about living life to the fullest. As an angel mom, she has an affinity toward helping those whose lives have been impacted by substance use. Her unwavering faith has helped navigate grief and her art helps others do the same. She is a nationally published artist, has been represented at M.A.D.S. Art Gallery, and a guest speaker on the Jar Podcast. She currently co-hosts the Art Infused Life Podcast, featuring artists from around the globe.

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